Monday, January 9, 2012

And They Call It Puppy Love

For some reason, Lillie has been tormenting my poor dog this week! She thinks it is so funny to hit him over the head with her plastic frying pan from her play kitchen! Luckily he has been a good sport and just sits there and takes it while wagging his tail! My boxer, Rocco is such a good dog he loves her to pieces and I think Lille feels the same way! Lillie is always hugging and using Rocco as a pillow.

I used the sketch from Sketchy Thursdays. I used a lot of October Afternoon -Sidewalks for this LO. And I couldn't help but use the song from Donnie Osmond as my title!!!!! I hope everyone had a great start to their week.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

So Berry Sweet

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had a great holiday weekend! I had a quiet night at home with my family, which is exactly how I wanted to ring in the new year.

Here is a new LO based on the Sketch from Sketchy Thursdays.  I used some older October Afternoon papers that I thought went perfectly with Lillies outfit. I just love love love the hat she is wearing. I found it on a work trip to Navy Pier. As soon as I saw it I had to get it for her. It was just too cute!

I hope everyone has a great week!